New Terpene Tests Uploaded

We've updated our testing page with the SC Labs Terpene Profile test results for three recent additions to the Tree Terps family: Super Lemon Haze, Tahoe OG, & Jolly Rancher.  

Coverage of the Mary 420 Dinner with The Herbal Chef by The Mary Magazine

Here is more coverage of the incredible Mary 420 Dinner featuring the creations of The Herbal Chef.  The Mary Mag did a great job covering the event, including the way in which Tree Terps essentail oils were diffused and paired with each course through a colorful dry ice spiked centerpiece that the guests couldn't keep their hands off of.  Click the image below to open the full article:


LA Weekly Article about Mary 420 Dinner & Tree Terps

Recently Tree Terps got to be a part of a wonderful pop-up cannabis dinner that the LA Weekly attended and published an article and video about.  It appears that the Tree Terps Essential Oils (including Blue Dream, Northern Lights, & Candyland) we're paired with each course through a magical dry ice infused centerpiece.  Click on the image below for the full story from LA Weekly.